Chicken Burritos

This is the Recipe that got me started with the very idea of cheating at cooking.  My cousin showed me this and called it cheating.  I realized most of my recipes where not much harder.  Because of this I started telling people that I cheat at cooking.  So, Kate, thank you for this one and here is how I make chicken burritos.

Everything you need for Chicken burritos.

This is everything you need to make Chicken burritos.  2.5-3 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast or tenderloin.  Season Salts, I like Lawry’s but almost any will do.  One 16 oz jar of Salsa and toppings.  I like sour cream and cheese, lettuce is also very popular.

Step 1: Dice the Chicken

When dicing the chicken, aim to make the pieces about half of what would be “bite sized”, or roughly half inch cubes.  They don’t need to be perfect, close is good enough.


Step 2: Cook the Chicken

This really is the only step you can mess up, and you almost need to try for that to happen.  Cook the chicken over medium heat , 5 on the dial.  Sprinkle it with season salt.  It will take some time for the chicken to cook, and you do need to stir occasionally.  Also, add some more season salt every time you stir, you want it to lightly coat every side of each piece.  This will take 2-4 tablespoons.  The chicken is done when it’s white all the way though.  When you think it’s getting close split some of the large pieces with your spatula (or other stirring device)  If they are cooked though, everything is cooked though.  Under cooked chicken can make you very sick, and you really need to over cook it for this recipe to dry out.

Step 3: Add the salsa

Once the chicken is cooked, dump in the entire jar of salsa.  Leave the heat on 5 and wait for it to come to a light boil.  That’s it, done.  Take it off the heat, and tell the family that make your own burrito night is ready.  This will make 6-8 burritos depending on how fat you make them.

Dinner is served.

The chicken salsa mix refrigerates well and reheats wonderfully.  It’s no good if you put it in the freezer, so leftovers should be eaten quickly.  If there are any left overs.


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